Completely restorative and permanent

Permanently removes scratches, swirls, scuffs, oxidation and weathering.


The RestorFX Polymemetic system is like pushing the reset button on automotive paint.

Superior results to traditional detailing

By Design, RestorFx is in a completely different league from other paint sealants, glass coating, waxes and polishes.

Superior results to traditional detailing

Traditional “cut and polish” methods remove critical layers of clear coat, and lasts 4-8 weeks. RestorFX adds more protective clear coat, at the same time repairing damage permanently.

A low-cost alternative to repainting

RestorFX is changing the industry by returning a vehicle’s paint back to a factory-quality shine without high body shop costs or long turnaround times.

A low-cost alternative to repainting

The cost to Restorfx a vehicle is typically less than half the cost of traditional body shop rates.

Benefits of RestorFX

The RestorFX Automotive Refinishing System permanently removes scratches, swirls, scuffs, oxidation, and weathering from automotive paint—restoring a finish to its original state. Tested for over a decade in various climates and extreme weather conditions, the RestorFX proprietary technology is guaranteed to never flake, peel, crack, or delaminate.


Theres nothing like the dramatic, flawless shine of a brand new paint finish.

However, in reality, that stunning luster starts to diminish as soon as it leaves the lot. Daily life throws a lot at your vehicles paint finish. As it begins to wear, both high regard and resale value are lost. Traditionally, the only options to address these were repainting, which is extremely costly, time consuming and devalues the car; or cutting and polishing, which is temporary and very limited. This is why RestorFx spent over a decade pioneering a revolutionary technology that completely reverses the signs of fading and damage, restoring a paint finish to its original, brand-new condition. Unlike anything else on the market, RestorFX delivers showroom-quality results that are both Cost effective and permanent.