What is ClearFX?

The ClearFX System leaves an extremely intense visual clarity and color contrast and produces a hyper-strength, super hydrophobic and extremely scratch-resistant layer of high gloss protection that lasts for years and does not wash off.

ClearFX is an automotive surface solution that works at the sub-microscopic level, penetrating the deep, porous structure of automotive surfaces. ClearFX seals and strengthens surface structure using the next-generation process of Attogenetic Surface Engineering, where the protective substance infinitesimally bonds with the surface all the way to its root and increases complete structural volume, density and hardness.

Backed by the authority of RestorFX in the automotive reconditioning industry, ClearFX and its system are on the forefront of automotive surface technology and provide you with real results and vast experience. Owing to its uniquely engineered solution, ClearFX is more hydrophobic, requires less application to achieve excellent results and is proven to last longer when compared to other ceramic coatings on the market.